The Podcast

This Podcast is for the LabVIEW™ community BY the LabVIEW™ community. After attending a number of collaborative events including GDevCon #1 in 2018, I was inspired to help the community in a way that I think would be effective… Podcasts!

The podcast is designed to spread the word about developers, their favourite tools, experience, hints, tips and tricks that we all may find useful in our day to day uses of LabVIEW™ and Engineering practices.

There may well be a few topics non LabVIEW™ based but very much with an Engineering or Scientific focus. Stay tuned for the latest upload!

The Host

Jonathan Hobson CLA – I have been a LabVIEW™ user for the last 5 years, having done my year in industry at National Instruments and gaining a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering I have since gone to work at a UK Based Gold Alliance Partner, leading a team of 10 engineers on a number of Automated Test, DAQ & control applications.